torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

IHME Festival

IHME Festival 2014 invited me to debate National Art in the annual Trial together with curator/ artist Jussi Koitela, artists Kiba Lumberg and Pia Lindman. Me and Jussi will be defending national art arguing whether if the division into national and international art is valid in the first place, whereas Kiba and Pia are supposed to argue in the profit of the international modern art.

The debate takes place at the Old Student House, on Friday 4.4.2014, hosted by Tuomas Nevanlinna. More about the debate in the coming days.
Visit IHME Festival`s interesting programme here, one of Finland`s most valued cultural brand.


Helsingin Sanomat published my text on Kluuvi gallery case on 16th February, 2014. The case arose a lot of media attention in the field of culture. I was featured in the 6 o`clock main news at YLE the Finnish Broadcasting Company on Monday 17th February 2014. There were radio and newspaper coverages in Hufvudstadbladet, HS, Yle and Radio.

The Facebook-group Kluuvin galleria puolesta gathered over 2, 000 supporters in Facebook and the petition was signed by more than 500 artists, art professionals, critics, art historians and a large public.

Helsinki City Art Museum decided to close down historical Kluuvi gallery and move it to its Tennispalatsi premises in Kamppi commercial area.