torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014


Helsingin Sanomat published my text on Kluuvi gallery case on 16th February, 2014. The case arose a lot of media attention in the field of culture. I was featured in the 6 o`clock main news at YLE the Finnish Broadcasting Company on Monday 17th February 2014. There were radio and newspaper coverages in Hufvudstadbladet, HS, Yle and Radio.

The Facebook-group Kluuvin galleria puolesta gathered over 2, 000 supporters in Facebook and the petition was signed by more than 500 artists, art professionals, critics, art historians and a large public.

Helsinki City Art Museum decided to close down historical Kluuvi gallery and move it to its Tennispalatsi premises in Kamppi commercial area.