lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

New Life on the Blog

I am back! With new ideas and subjects around the arts, such as funding, producing, curating, film programming and media art. Join me after a small break. The posts during 2010 - 2013 are in Finnish at Taiteilija-lehti and written as the Editor-in-Chief of the new online magazine, which I revised during my post and brought back to life as the President of the Artists` Association of Finland. I served at STS these three and half years, for two terms. I have also worked as the Artistic Director of Lens Politica Film & Media Art Festival, Helsinki, during 2012-2013. Some posts may therefore relate to the film industry and programming as well. The new blog life will start off full steam in the beginning of 2014, when I will also invite other professionals to write about subjects relevant to my work. Welcome!