tiistai 4. elokuuta 2009

Funding of Media Art

News on Media Art & Funding

The suggestions for the state budget of 2010 for the Ministry of Education have arrived. At a quick glance, the numbers look victorious, taking notice of the over half a year of bombarding of the ministry with our together with other over 13 media arts organizations` demands to enhance and separate the amount of money shared for media arts in Finland. We didn`t get as much as we plead, but this is a good start. Looks like the first victory is here!
I couldn`t be more glad. In time, more will follow.

We co-founded Mediataideverkosto ry together with major media arts organizations in Finland during the past year.

Also good things coming up for the artist pensions is that their amount is being redefined in relation to sharing the budget. Important to take this into notice, as the pensions need to be doubled quickly to the amount they were prior to the recession of the 1990s.

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kohdassa määrärahan arviotu käyttö:
Mediataiteen edistämiseen 180 000

(Lisäksi: )Taiteilijaeläkkeiden ja niihin liittyvien perhe-eläkkeiden kehittämistarve arvioidaan osana taiteilijoiden sosiaaliturvan edistämistä.