keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2009

Espace 36 Association d`Art Contemporain, France

This week, I´m working on a new archive film for my solo show in a small gallery hosted by a Contemporary Art Association Espace 36 in Northern France. The show opens next month.

I will also prepare two photo installations for the gallery and a simultanious small show next door in the Public library, and a new video together with photographs on demonstrations for a group show called Trickle- Down Theory at Korjaamo. There will be a lot of Carrefour and street life, as the curator wanted. The opening is one day before the show in France. So obviously, I will be rather installing & sweating for a new show in France instead of sipping nice wine with the other artists of the group show at the Helsinkian gallery at the time of the opening.

At work, we are finishing the annual report for year 2008 by next week.