perjantai 13. maaliskuuta 2009

Pixels and trams

Yesterday we opened Pixelache festival at the MUU gallery. Signals from the south is a very nice exhibition I must say, emphasizing the meaning and politics of change. It deals with issues such as new ways of using electricity or women`s empowerment, offering the viewer a broad and mind-stimulating experience for all five senses. Well done Juha & Nathalie. I say no more - go and see it for yourself.

In the evening I went to Korjaamo, an old tram hall rapidly changed into a sizzling culture centre in Töölö, where Riiko Sakkinen had a really nice painting opening. I ended up being invited to the private dinner afterwards. There I listened to some of the by far weirdest speeches I have even heard and probably will ever hear! Sentimental and fun. Having spoken with Janne for the past couple of hours, who works for a museum in Helsinki, at almost dawn, I finally wrapped the night up and headed home in a cab. It was a wise decision thinking of the early morning wakeup for the work committee meeting.