torstai 17. syyskuuta 2009

Building Art

We finished building the expo at Espace le Carré yesterday. It looks quite nice despite all the struggle we experienced while constructing it. I met with Outi in the morning, a Finnish girl living and working in Paris since a couple of years now who came to Lille to see my show, had a coffee and a stroll, and tried to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. It is always nice to discuss differences between the French and the Finnish, as there are a few. As I´m still in a flu, I went straight home after a quick take-away lunch at my favorite bio food restaurant Envies de Saison. The autumn is further here than in Finland, trees in bright colours.

Tomorrow, after the opening, we take an early morning train to Paris with my lovely translator Salla, and catch up with Outi and Olivier, a French sculptor for a visit at the Centre Pompidou`s exhibition Elles, a show on women artists in French Museum of Modern Art collections. As the art world is still a world of men (at least statistically), I am eager to see what kind of art the National Museum in France buys from women artists.

On saturday evening I take the plane back to Helsinki. We start constructing Art Fair Suomi on monday morning with MUU and the Union of Photographer Artists.